Crespect, an AI-powered legal practice management system with integrated CRM, has been selected among Finnish, Estonian, and Swedish innovative companies to participate in the esteemed Northbound Scaleups program. This program is dedicated to fostering the growth of mature, high-potential companies by providing them with the advanced skills and support needed to scale their business operations globally.

About Northbound Scaleups

Northbound Scaleups is an exclusive program that targets high-potential companies from the Nordics (EE, FI, SE). Only 14 companies selected for this program have showcased innovative products with significant global sales potential.

The Northbound Scaleups program is a collaborative initiative between Business Turku, Technopol Startup Incubator, and Movexum. This international endeavor is dedicated to ensuring that the participating companies achieve global sales success through a wide range of support and training.

Key Learning Areas

Participants in the Northbound Scaleups program will receive targeted guidance in crucial business areas. The curriculum includes scaling the companies operations, understanding international legal aspects, and enhancing team dynamics. It covers international market analysis, , and developing sales and marketing strategies.

Participants will engage with potential clients, create financial plans, and allocate resources efficiently. The program also focuses on product positioning, establishing distribution networks, gathering market data, co-creating with clients, and meticulous pre-launch planning for successful next market entries.

Being part of the Northbound Scaleups program is a great opportunity for Crespect. We are excited to leverage this opportunity to enhance our capabilities and expand our global footprint. In addition to the program itself, the greatest value will come from networking with other leaders from innovative participating companies from the Nordics. Stay tuned for more updates on our journey through this compelling program.