The intelligent legal practice management system to manage and grow your legal business

Crespect includes everything that a successful law firm needs in one solution: from clients, cases, time tracking and billing to collaboration and legal CRM.

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Crespect is the backbone of a modern law firm

Instead of using a number of different tools, Crespect invites users to enjoy a single solution.

  • Daily tasks

  • Collaboration and efficiency enhanced

  • Business growth enabled

Use an automatic timer, draft timecards with narrative, manage your workflow and significantly save time

With a directory of clients just one click away, your client and contact reach is smooth and encourages CRM

Achieve rapid case handling with easily reachable contacts, multiple case entry points, role management, and integration with your document management system

Digital and paperless billing will enable you to handle client requirements with ease, visualise approval workflow and track and monitor collections via supported integrations

COI, AML and KYC ensured from client and case intake. Simple and intuitive but nonetheless in-depth

Client segmentation and CRM activities shaped for the legal industry will enable users to carry out proactive client portfolio management, track leads and analyse prospects

The option to juggle information for various mass mailings, pitches, and submissions, as well as to handle transaction experiences provided in one place

Knowing the importance of referral management, Crespect helps track and easily manage relations with international law firms, networks and groups

The expertise database and the visually informative Colleagues feature allows you to see and manage your and your team's workload and encourage collaboration within your firm

One more thing - this list of features is not final and will continue to be developed together with the Crespect community

We regularly add new integrations with popular business softwares

  • Productivity
  • Collaboration
  • Document management
  • ERP and accounting
  • Business analytics and reporting
  • Identity and access management services
  • Connection with the European Central Bank and the European Council's EU sanctions list
  • API endpoints for your needs


  • Cloud-based

    Hosted at a secure Amazon (AWS) data centre, which enables Crespect to build and innovate in a fast and secure manner. Hourly backups are encrypted and stored in separate physical locations.

  • Encrypted and secured

    All your data is transferred and stored in an isolated and encrypted manner. Log group data is always encrypted.

  • GDPR-compliant

    Having come from the legal industry, we are cautious and diligent in meeting our requirements as a data controller and data processor.

  • Authentication

    Crespect authentication

    Crespect supports Single Sign-On (SSO). This allows companies to implement their own authentication service and make it simpler for their users to log in while guaranteeing security.


Built by lawyers for lawyers

We are a technology spin-off from the most innovative new Nordics international business law firm Sorainen. The initial Crespect prototype enabled Sorainen to grow and become one of the leading law firms in the region.

Visit Sorainen website
Visit Sorainen website

The Crespect management team

  • Katri-Helen Wojtkowiak

    Katri-Helen Wojtkowiak


  • Lauri Läheb

    Lauri Läheb


  • Karolina Šilingienė

    Karolina Šilingienė

    Chief Customer Success Officer

  • Indrek Ott

    Indrek Ott


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